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Safety Point
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Safety Point

The “Safety Point” is a space dedicated to the spreading and sharing of road safety issues, in order to promote proper driving behaviour.

It is a reception zone in some service areas of our road network, with desks and seating, which allows travellers to interact and discuss with the Polizia di Stato (Italian police) in an interactive manner.

Indeed, it is possible to communicate by video call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the Polizia Stradale (Italian traffic police) through a customized multimedia 40-inch totem, so that a “completely free” interactive support to the safety of travellers is always guaranteed.

Besides, it is possible to find a 55-inch screen in every corner, which shows Communication campaigns and road safety videos.

It is possible to use the totems also to:


Consult audio and video materials on road safety


Learn proper driving behaviour with the aid of safe driving quiz


Enter in Portale dell’automobilista (Driver web portal) by using a QR code


Check traffic situation and webcams

You can find the “Safety Point” in the service areas of:

  • Casilina Est
  • Brianza  Nord
  • Secchia Ovest
  • La pioppa Ovest
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