Autostrade per l'Italia
Autostrade per l'Italia
Community and territory


Ensuring the safety of infrastructure, traffic and workplaces. Increase customer satisfaction and dialogue with communities. Creating an inclusive working environment, ensuring the well-being of our people and bridging the gender gap

Confrontation with communities

The implementation of major infrastructural works involves dialogue with local communities at every stage: from the design choice, which has direct consequences on the approval process and environmental impact assessment, to the management of construction sites and, subsequently, maintenance and modernisation cycles. The constant relationship with local authorities and the population is an essential tool at the company's disposal to respond to the needs of the territory and to carry out a constant analysis of the infrastructure's impact in the social, environmental and economic spheres.


For this reason, for several years now, the Group has wanted to widen the opportunities for dialogue, in some cases by foreseeing the community's requests. For example, the public debate for the Gronda di Genova and the Passante di Bologna.


Enhancing the territory

Autostrade per l'Italia pays attention to enhancing the territory and has therefore launched the project Wonders.
Discover the Italy of wonders

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Corporate Philanthropy and Solidarity and Social Promotion Projects

Autostrade per l'Italia has set up the 'Solidarity and Social Promotion Projects Committee', which directs, coordinates and monitors social initiatives undertaken by the Autostrade per l'Italia Group, without distinguishing between those aimed at the external community and those reserved for employees.

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